Music Taste

The music taste of Cyber Center may be described as "diverse" (if I say so myself), ranging from vaporwave and IDM, to blackgaze and ambient. Here are some of the individual's favorite artists/bands...

Has to be at the top of the list of my favorite artists. I discovered him when I was around 12 years old when I discovered vaporwave for the first time. I think the first song by him I fully listened to was Frozen Flame from his MEGA album.

Favorite Tracks

B:/Start Up
Ammonia Clouds
Hungry Ghost
Eco Zones
Anxiety Online !
Java Clouds
Cyber Slums
Lime Tree
Deep Web Diving
Good Times
Spirit Season

Relatively new artist to me. Unique sound, if you ask me, and a really good one. If I had the chance to go back in time and be a cool, young(er) teenager, I'd blast this guy's music.

I think I mainly listen to him when I am sad, but when I am feeling good, I may listen to him. I recommend him.

Favorite Tracks

in a memory
Te amé
hope you never forget
You'll Just Forget
attention to detail bloom mayflowers
cold still hands
i want to be there

t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者

Lovely, smooth, nostalgic sound. He has a big discography, and I haven't listened to too much of his stuff, but from what I've listened to so far, he's good. Favorite album by him has to be アンドロメダ, which translates to Andromeda. It has such a nostalgic and warm sound to it, it has such a "warm" feeling to it. I always think of...

Favorite Tracks



Really good vaporwave artist, specifically weatherwave, or whatever you wanna call it. Made me really like weather channels. I used to burn their albums onto CD discs and made custom CD sleeves for the albums. I would then play those CDs in my dad's Mercedes Benz whenever we would go on drives together. That must've been in my freshmen year of high school or so, maybe even before that? I had a lot of fun with that. We used to always go to the gas station to get drinks together, and I would pretty much always play Eco Virtual for the both of us.

Favorite Tracks

Morning Haze
Bermuda High
Gradient Winds
Sunrise At The Googleplex
Fiji Waterfalls
Clear Skies Through The Mall Skylight
McDonald's Breakfast
HUMIDEX /熱​帯​雨​林​サ​ー​フ
Lavender Club
Clear Skies
Ecco Bay

I listened to these guys again for a very short while ago, and I felt like adding them here since they have some good stuff. I don't listen to them very much, though... but I still felt like adding them here. Besides, adding them here can show off more of what I like.

They're a Scottish duo, and what's cool is that they're both brothers. "It has been described by critics as exploring themes related to nostalgia, as well as childhood memory, science, environmental concerns and esoteric subjects." I think I once felt that they have some sort of association with "old science", science from the 90s or 80s or so. I think they do have some songs that tug on my heart strings.

Favorite Tracks

Over The Horizon Radar
Dandelion (reversed version sounds cool too)
The Smallest Weird Number
From One Source All Things Depend
The Color of the Fire
Heard From Telegraph Lines
Left Side Drive
Come To Dust
Nothing Is Real
The Devil Is In The Details
One Very Important Thought
In The Annexe